Château Bois de la Garde


Acquired at the same time as the Château des Fines Roches, in the middle of the 1930s, the Château du Bois de la Garde derives its name from its strange history. Indeed, it reflects one of the first social switches through their return to civilian life, deprived of battles to fight, of soldiers of Napoleon’s Old Guard. Let’s say, for the sake of origins, that it was no doubt their finest victory. So would these veterans (“grognards”, in French) still be grumpy (“grognons”)? Probably not, if we consider the illustrious viticultural heritage they left behind them. The Château du Bois de la Garde, in a completely different style from the Château des Fines Roches, is reminiscent of the architecture of Provençal country houses and manors. One can detect with time a translation of the agricultural evolution of the property.