Château du Jas de Bressy


Some readers may be baffled by the word “jas”.

Not surprising! Anyway, it should not be confused with the same term that sailors use to designate the stock, or horizontal bar, of an anchor, which forms a cross with the shank. In fact, there’s little or no connection. Historically, in our region, the word “jas” was used to describe a shepherd’s hut. It’s therefore easy to arrive at the conclusion that, over the years, the hut spread out a little and became plump enough to become a castle; and to house on its premises a tasting cellar for the very noble appellation of Châteauneuf du Pape. Now, to conclude with the name of this site, the term “Jas” is quite naturally accompanied by the family name of the original owner, and our wish was to preserve this tribute to the past. So here you are, in the heart of the Château du Jas de Bressy, standing in the middle of its vineyard, west of the Château des Fines Roches. This is where we’ll be pleased to welcome you, to invite you to taste our different cuvées and to share with you our passion for vines and wines.